Saturday, January 19, 2013

Turning the Page . . .

Many of you know that we have now returned to rural mid-Devon.

After nearly six years living on board 'Zindagi', it is proving a real wrench to have moved most of our belongings out of the boat and return to Lapford.  To be honest, it is worse when we think about it!

At the moment, we don't have much time to think about anything else apart from sorting out our bungalow, with the prospect of lots of work ahead, both indoors and out!  Six years of occupation by tenants leave their mark!

Zindagi is still there, though, waiting for us to return for visits – of various sorts!  Like all boats, ongoing maintenance will be needed.  It would be nice to be able to make a proper job of repainting the roof!  Though we started in 2012, it was not a good year for boat painting!!

If the bungalow cleaning, maintenance, repairs and improvements continue as anticipated, we shall NEED to return to Zindagi for our own sakes, and to sample again the unique waterways lifestyle which has become our own since 2007.

We know that the last 6 years have made us different people.  We have met so many wonderful people, seen so many strange, beautiful and unusual sights – and enjoyed that glorious freedom of just moving on wherever and whenever we have wanted to.  Thank you for your company as you have shared our travels.

When we get back on board for short or long cruises, we hope to update this blog with news of our travels again.  So please continue to watch this space!

Meanwhile, we have started a new blog: 'Wilanson – back to the Land in Rural Mid-Devon', in which we expect to tell you some of our experiences as we try to pick up the strands of what feels like a former life.  We hope that you will join us on a new sort of adventure . . .