Saturday, February 17, 2007

Very Nearly Ready!

We made the long 'pilgrimage' up to Wheelton again this week, to see how Dave and the others were getting on with 'Zindagi', and to choose carpets and tiles, plus fabric for upholstery and curtains. Dave also gave us a much closer estimated date for completion. "About 2 to 3 weeks" he said on Wednesday 14th, which will take us to March 7th.
As the winter maintenance on the Wigan locks is due to finish on the 16th March, we shall have a week or so to get used to the boat and get settled in before we can begin our long journey south. Rather later than we had planned, but not too bad!

You can see from the photos that the boat is taking shape. Although the paintwork is only in undercoat and the interior still in bare wood, most of the important parts are already fitted:–
The engine went in a long time ago, and the central heating boiler is in (but not connected up to radiators yet). The 'Envirolet' compost toilet is in, neatly fitted so that its large size is partly hidden behind a bulkhead. The kitchen units are in, plus the diesel-fired oven and hob. The dining area seating and the bench seats in the 'living room' are in. It was fairly easy to picture what the 'finished article' will look like in 3 weeks time!