Monday, May 28, 2007

. . . and Then Came The Rain!

Just after we filled up with diesel (at Thames prices!) on Saturday morning, we decided to try and find a good mooring spot and stay for the rest of the day. Our next 'Poste Restante' would be at Goring, just 6 miles and 2 locks away, and the Post Office wouldn't be open till Tuesday, so there was no rush.
We passed this attractive little boathouse with a spiral staircase and moored a little further along on the opposite bank. A lovely spot, ideal to stay a bit longer, so we stayed through into Sunday and thought we might move off on Monday morning.

The forecast was for rain (the usual Bank Holiday recipe), and sure enough it rained pretty much all day Sunday – and right through the night!

By Monday morning, the river looked a bit higher and the flow a little stronger, and it was still raining. Worth waiting till it stopped, we thought. By lunchtime, the level was definitely higher and we phoned the lock keeper at the next lock downstream. "We've got the red signs out now, sir" he said. These are the ones that say, 'CAUTION – STRONG STREAM' and the the Thames User's Guide says that in these conditions "all boats are advised not to navigate until the stream abates."
So here we are, still just downstream on the opposite bank to the little boathouse, hoping to be away in a day or so and within walking distance of shops at Wallingford if we need them. No problem; we just can't move!
And why have we given you two nearly identical photos of the boathouse? No, it's not a mistake! Just compare the river levels between 11:55 on Saturday morning and 17:47 on Monday afternoon. We reckon it has gone up by about 2 feet or so. (Look at the tyres on the right of the pictures and the slats of the boathouse door).

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Barbara said...

Wondered how you were getting on in the rain!