Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Co-operation

After his help with the Hatton locks on Saturday 28th April, Jeremy met up with us on the Sunday and took us to meet some of his friends at their church meeting. A good number there, lively worship and teaching from Psalm 27. We were the oldest there by several years! The three of us went for a meal at 'The Cape of Good Hope', which is easier to find by canal than by road! (Very good food). Then back to the boat in Jeremy's Morris, where three of his friends came and joined us for an hour or so, chugging along and working through a lock or two.

The next day, we continued climbing slowly back up the other side of the valley and came to the 'Blue Lias' pub at the foot of the Stockton flight of 8 locks, where we stopped to take on drinking water. Decision time: should we stay there for the night or go up the locks? We decided to go on up, and just as we were in the bottom lock and about to shut the gates, another boat came up behind us. So we shared the work on the locks and made it up in very good time – again! Simon and his Dad were taking a new boat to the Boat Show at Crick and were glad to save time by working with another crew. They must have been exhausted – they had started down the Hatton flight that morning and had come all that way. Together, we made it up the 8 locks in just over an hour.

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