Wednesday, May 09, 2007

First Cygnets of the Year!

One of the great joys of our travels at this time of year has been to see the unfolding of a new Spring. When we started up in Lancashire in late March, the trees were pretty bare, with just the blackthorn blossom. Then the beginning of the hawthorn leaf, followed by the hawthorn blossom and all the other trees coming into leaf.

Down on the the Llangollen Canal, we saw the first ducklings, soon followed by some goslings. Now the ducklings we see are quite big, and it probably won't be long before some ducks start a second brood. Lots of swans sitting on nests (some in the most unlikely places!), but we still had not seen any cygnets – until the 1st of May! Here they are, just before we came to Calcutt locks on the Grand Union.

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