Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back on the Oxford Canal

We enjoy all canal travelling, but there are some stretches that have become firm favourites. The southern part of the Oxford Canal is one of those. We first travelled on it back in the early 80s, when we took Val's Mum, Dora with us for a week. Her comment that she liked this holiday because the view from the kitchen window kept changing has passed into family folklore.

The next time we came this way was with our friends Colin and Janet from Lapford in October 2005 – their introduction to canal boating and a very enjoyable week on 'Charlton', our syndicate share boat with Challenger. Then again in June 2006, when our three 'children' and their friend had 'Charlton' for our last share week and we joined them for a day.

So here we are again, coming up the long drawn out flight of nine locks from Napton towards the 'summit level' – a lovely meandering stretch of canal that snakes aound the contours before sinking down again towards Banbury and Oxford. If you look closely, you may be able to see Napton Windmill on the hill.

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