Saturday, June 02, 2007

On The Move Again

At last, the 'Red Boards' are down and the yellow 'Stream Decreasing' ones are there instead, so 'powered boats may proceed with caution'. Much as we liked Wallingford, it was good to get moving yesterday and we have made good progress down towards Maidenhead, where we hope to meet one of our friends early next week. We are moored up opposite one of the Thames 'Eyots' (islands) between Wargrave and Henley.

While we were waiting at Wallingford, we saw quite a lot of Great Crested Grebe, one of our favourite water birds, and have tried several times to get photos of them with their chicks on their backs. Well, success at last! Here they are. We have seen young water birds at all stages of development, from quite well-grown cygnets down to very young ones. Here is a swan with cygnets on its back – something we have not seen before.

Meanwhile, we continue on our way down the Thames, as it seems to get more and more stylish and the boats seem to get bigger and bigger. No doubt the house prices are increasing even faster as we come downstream!

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Barbara said...

So you are on the move again. Loved the photo of the Grebe - what a treat.