Sunday, June 24, 2007


More than a week has passed since we last updated our news – our apologies! Since then, we have had a little flurry of visitors.

Adam had already planned to visit us on Saturday 16th, and we needed to be on our way northwards anyway, so we chugged back to Guildford, passing more lovely River Wey scenery as we went. Here is one of the locks in a typically leafy setting.

Mike and Kerstin brought an old friend from India with them when they made a brief visit on Saturday. It was good to see them after about 5 years, and to see Divakaran after about 35! Despite delays on all sides, we managed to meet up with the three of them and arrived at our rendezvous with Adam only minutes before he did. In the drizzly rain, we went for a little 'chug' past Mike's old family house and he enjoyed seeing some of his old haunts, then stopped for lunch with six of us somehow squeezing into our little dinette!
As the weather brightened, Mike, Kerstin and Divakaran decided to walk back to their car, leaving us to enjoy a little trip towards Godalming with Adam – more glimpses of secluded backwaters!
We have got to know this stretch between Guildford and Godalming quite well, as we then turned round again to meet Terry and Di in Guildford on Sunday! Lunch in a pub and then coffee on board . . . no time for a ride, but we think they may soon be back for more!
Somehow, we managed to have all these visitors without getting any digital photos of them, but there may be some belated ones coming, so they will probably not escape!

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