Saturday, June 09, 2007

Further down the Thames

As we have come further on down the Thames, we are really glad to have gone right up to Lechlade first – we really appreciate the vast changes that take place gradually as you come downstream! This part is so very different from the upper reaches, which one of the lock-keepers described to us as being like 'another country'!

Here is the well-known suspension bridge at Marlow, as we came downstream on Sunday 3rd June.

Then, just to confuse everyone, we turned round and went upstream again for a couple of days! Reason? A very welcome visit from Jenny, one of Val's friends from Bible College many years ago. She joined us on Monday morning, and we took a much quicker trip with her up to Pangbourne and then back to Maidenhead on Wednesday. On the way, we passed lots of interesting boathouses, like this thatched one.

By contrast, we have now come down past some much bigger buildings – you may recognise this one! An interesting part of the river, but we are glad to have gone on further and escaped the Heathrow flight path!

Our plan is now to join the River Wey down to Guildford and Godalming, where Adam hopes to join us next weekend, and then get onto the Basingstoke Canal and travel through some of Val's 'home country' near where she grew up in Farnborough. Right now we are on the junction of the Wey and the Thames, but will spend a couple of days more on the Thames so that our timing fits with Adam for next weekend. Both on the Wey and the Basingstoke, we hope to have a few visits from friends and family – always welcome!

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