Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wimbledon and Wildlife

Late June, sunshine (and showers!) – if we were back in Devon, Val would be dividing her time between picking strawberries and watching Wimbledon . . .

No strawberries to pick (and sadly we hear that the rain has damaged the Lapford crop really badly), but Wimbledon is still available! Here she is watching Tim Henman before he lost his match.

. . . and you get your first glimpse of the inside of 'Zindagi'. This is the view in from the front doors to the 'living room', complete with sofa, woodburner, TV and video. The bookcase is out of the picture on the right, and the washing is more often just outside the front doors!

Meanwhile, Dave was out looking for the 'other' end of Greywell Tunnel but found some other treasures first, while getting not-quite-lost in the woods. A Fritillary butterfly in the woodland sunshine and a young roebuck in a clearing.

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