Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Devon Interlude

So, back to Devon again, staying with Colin and Janet in Lapford this time, while we visited doctor and dentists for annual 'MOT's, and especially to start the process of getting Val's knees seen to. She had keyhole surgery on one of them 10 years ago, with inconclusive results, and they have gone on gradually deteriorating. She has been on anti-inflammatory drugs for quite a while, but even these have not prevented her walking range getting noticeably shorter.

The doctor was understanding and helpful and referred Val to Barnstaple Hospital for X-rays. The results came back nice and quickly and a second visit to the doctor has meant that Val's case is being referred to the consultant. Hopefully she will get an appointment with him/her in the next few weeks or months, and only then will we know whether 'they' think that replacement knee joints will be appropriate – certainly everyone seems to recommend them!

On this visit, we fitted in more visits to friends than we have managed before, but still didn't get to see everyone – sorry!

One visit we DID make was to pop in on Steve and Lin, our tenants, and see how they were getting on. They were really keen to show us all that they are doing, and we don't know where they find the time to do it all! They are really busy with chickens, turkeys and pigs, on top of growing lots of veg and making chutneys and bread to sell in the shop. This is even more amazing when you realise that Steve goes out to work 2 days a week and Lin has not been well since the early summer! They seem to have done very well with the shop and have an arrangement with the (recently re-opened) Village Store, supplying them with fresh produce as well.

A friend of theirs has even made a new roadside sign which looks good, and we hope to be able to feature some of their produce on our 'Blackberry Lane' website. If you live in or near Lapford, we recommend you to pop in and see what they have available.

As well as this robin in a hedge near Lapford, we really must share a photo of a young hedgehog feeding in Joe and Wendy's garden in Barnstaple. He just went on eating and eating, then wandered away for a very short while before coming back and stuffing himself again! We began to wonder whether he had just sent one of his siblings to take over! All of this in brilliant sunshine at 3.30 in the afternoon!
As well as our personal visits to friends, it was good to see a lot of folk at the Village Harvest Supper on the Friday evening, but it was soon time to drive back up to Shrewsbury, spend another night with Adam and then get back on board. Driving back 'up country', we were reminded how lovely our little bit of mid Devon countryside really is . . . we'll be back sometime, but not just yet . . .

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