Sunday, May 11, 2008

Signs of Spring

About time too! Until the recent spell of bright, warm and sunny weather, it has seemed as though spring and summer have been holding off. Is it because we are a bit further north this year (and a lot further north than Devon!), or has everyone experienced a late spring this year? April 2007 was exceptional, though, more like June. Perhaps we have returned to slightly more normal weather now? Anyway, time to share with you a few images that seem to say that Spring is here and Summer is not far behind! We showed you our first duckling from mid-April, and we have seen more and a few goslings near Selby and here in York, but no cygnets as yet. Quite a few swans sitting on their nests, though, so it won't be long now. Then there was this young foal on the banks of the Aire as we came near Castleford a few days ago, and the hawthorn blossom is filling the hedgerows everywhere. While this warm spell lasts, it feels as though we are 'fast-forwarding' into summer! Not to be forgotten, here are some lambs that Val caught on camera back in early April!

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